26231 Diorama Effects - Foam 32ml

26231 Diorama Effects - Foam 32ml
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Diorama Effects - Foam
The series of Water Textures has been formulated to reproduce the realistic effects of water, from a white running mountain brook to the greenish, still surface of a stagnant pool, from a muddy puddle on a road to the profound depth of the ocean. The different water products can be mixed with one another. Still Water, ref. 26.230 is perfect for pools and brooks, but can also be used as a base to provide a sense of depth. A final layer of Transparent Water, ref.26.201 can be applied on the top of a lake filled with Still Water to create waves or the appearance of a moving current. The three water textures, Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean Blue, can be applied directly to the diorama, but to increase the illusion of depth it is recommended to first paint the base with a darker color. All the Water Textures can be further tinted with low viscosity colors like Model Air or Game Air.
Packaging: The range is available in 200 ml pots.

DANGER: Wear eye protection / face protection as required. Use in well ventilated area. Keep tightly closed. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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