26232 Diorama Effects - Grey Sand 30ml

26232 Diorama Effects - Grey Sand 30ml
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Diorama Effects - Sandy Paste
Acrylic compounds which reproduce the texture of different grounds, from grey wasteland to the rough and irregular textures of craggy gullies and escarpments of a mountain range. The Ground Textures are dense and have a high bonding capacity, they can be applied directly on the diorama base, mixed with pigments or low viscosity colors such as Model Air or Game Air, or with natural elements such as stones, sand or gravel, to reproduce the ground of a terrain in the most realistic way. Airbrush Thinner ref.71.261, can be used for diluting or blending the different the EarthTextures.
Packaging: The range is also available in 200 ml. pots.

DANGER: Wear eye protection / face protection as required. Use in well ventilated area. Keep tightly closed. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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