62104 Premium Colour - Candy Colours Set, 5x60ml

62104 Premium Colour - Candy Colours Set, 5x60ml
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SKU:  VAL-62104
Brand:  Vallejo

62.104 - Candy Colours Set

Collection of 5 Premium Candy Colours.
Contains 5 bottles of 60 ml. (with flip top).
62071 Candy Yellow
62074 Candy Red
62075 Candy Magenta
62076 Candy Racing Blue
62079 Candy Black

Premium is a range of acrylic colors specifically designed for airbrushing and for optimum adherence on surfaces such as fiberglass, polyethylene, polycarbonate, metal and Lexan. Premium has been formulated with permanent pigments and a new, extremely resistant hybrid resin of acrylic-polyurethane. The Premium range contains matt and opaque, transparent, metallic, and fluorescent colors, and includes the specific varnishes and auxiliary products of the product line. Premium is especially recommended for painting motorcycle helmets, fuel tanks, surfboards and similar surfaces exposed to hard wear, and resists impacts and cracking as well as direct exposure to heat. The Premium colors resist fuel residue proof (as used in RC) of up to at least 35% Nitro. It is recommended to apply Premium in successive layers on previously primed surfaces. A few hours after application, the Premium colors will form a homogenous film of extraordinary strength and resistance. The recommended compressor settings are around 15-20 PSI, o 0.5 to 1 kg. For a final, especially resistant protection, a final (2K) urethane varnish is recommended (applied by aerosol or airbrush). Painting tools can be cleaned with water.

Safety: Premium Color is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Please see also certified safety information of the product on the Safety page.

Packaging: Flip-top bottles of 60 ml./2.02 fl.oz.

DANGER: Wear eye protection / face protection as required. Use in well ventilated area. Keep tightly closed. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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