76517 Model Wash - Dark Grey Wash 35ml

76517 Model Wash - Dark Grey Wash 35ml
 76517 Model Wash - Dark Grey Wash 35ml76517 Model Wash - Dark Grey Wash 35ml 
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Brand:  Vallejo

Wash FX is a range of washes created with a unique water based formula. The product provides the model painter with new techniques for rendering the processes of ageing and exposure to the elements. Colors with a matt finish and of high capillarity, formulated to bring forth the minute details of the panels of the model and the contrasts produced by the wear and accumulated grime caused by operative and weather exposure. The versatility of Wash FX makes the product equally useful for a quick shading as for the creation of caked dust and dirt around the details of the model, such as rivets and panel lines. The washes are also used as a filter, applied in a uniform manner on the model to modify the base color. Wash FX can be applied by brush and airbrush and dries very quickly so that after some 20 minutes the painting or weathering process can be continued. Painting tools are cleaned with water.

Safety: Non-flammable, and does not contain solvents.

Packaging: 35 ml/1.18 fl oz bottles with a flip top/eyedropper closure.

Applications: Wash FX Dark Grey 76.517 is recommended for models painted in grey and dark colors; they are also perfect for rain marks and pin washes.

DANGER: Wear eye protection / face protection as required. Use in well ventilated area. Keep tightly closed. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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