Clash Of Kings 2019

Clash Of Kings 2019
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It's the biggest Clash of Kings ever! Inside this mighty 80-page supplement, not only will you find all the regular unit, spell and scenario updates you've come to expect, but this year explores a new way to play the game the epic spectacle of Kings of War Siege!
Siege Warfare
Rules and scenarios for epic Siege games with your Kings of War armies. Outwit and outfight your opponent with siege towers, might artillery and secret tunnels. To the ramparts!
All-New 2019 Rules
Get up to speed with the very latest Kings of War balance updates, new units and formations, spells and artefacts for the 2019 tournament season. This year, weve consolidated all the various unit and rules changes across the various books in the Kings of War range, as well as from previous Clash of Kings and Edge of the Abyss, so you have them all in one convenient place.
New Legendary Spells
Legendary spells represent powerful magic, forbidden lore and temperamental incantations. Cause all sorts of mischief, including Disordering units, teleporting Heroes and even stealing opponents spells!
Latest Scenarios
The latest set of amendments to the suite of scenarios available for players at your events.

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