Goblins, 28mm Scale

Goblins, 28mm Scale
Mini Choice: Complete Goblin Collection (26+Dynamite Stack)Mini Choice: Assassin Goblin Pack (3)Mini Choice: Miner Goblin Pack (3+Dynamite Stack)Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin Pack (9+Leader)
Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin Pack (9+Leader)Mini Choice: Assassin Goblin 1Mini Choice: Assassin Goblin 2Mini Choice: Assassin Goblin 3
Mini Choice: Miner Goblin 1Mini Choice: Miner Goblin 2Mini Choice: Miner Goblin 3 (+Dynamite Stack)Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin Leader
Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 1Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 2Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 3Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 4
Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 5Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 6Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 7Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 8
Mini Choice: Ranged Goblin 9Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin LeaderMini Choice: Warrior Goblin 1Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 2
Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 3Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 4Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 5Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 6
Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 7Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 8Mini Choice: Warrior Goblin 9
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Brand:  Hobby Mad Essentials

An assortment of goblins, perfect for your gaming table!

Printed in strong resin. Highly detailed. Unprimed, unpainted and without bases. No assembly required - one piece miniatures.

Scale: 28mm (around 25-28mm tall)

Please note that resin colour may vary depending on availability. We typically use clear blue, clear green, black or grey resins or a combination of these.

Prints are typically made to order - please allow a few extra days for delivery.

Hobby Mad is a licensed seller of MiniForge prints.

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