Welcome to the wonderful world of scale modelling! If you are a newbie to this rewarding hobby, we have put together a list of basics to get you started:

Tools: http://www.hobbymad.ie/plastic-modelling-tool-kit-9pc-2545-p.asp
Glue: https://www.hobbymad.ie/revell-contacta-professional-mini-3982-p.asp
Brushes: http://www.hobbymad.ie/modelling-brush-basic-set-3263-p.asp
Primer: http://www.hobbymad.ie/colour-primer-spray---uniform-grey-400ml-3727-p.asp
Paints: You will need various paints, depending on model. A quick Google search will usually provide the list needed, or you can order the kit and then paints later. Range here: http://www.hobbymad.ie/vallejo-model-colour-4-c.asp

We do have a few kits with some basics, if this is your first build it may be a good place to start and is quite economical too:

With these model sets you will also need a file (eg. nail file) to polish the bits after cutting.