QM3D Pikemen, Group of 6, 28mm Scale

QM3D Pikemen, Group of 6, 28mm Scale
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A group of 6 well-equipped Pikemen in various poses ready to do your bidding on the gaming table.

Printed in strong resin. Highly detailed. Unprimed, unpainted and without bases. No assembly required - one piece miniatures.

Scale: 28mm (around 28-32mm tall)

Please note that resin colour may vary depending on availability. We typically use clear blue, clear green, black or grey resins or a combination of these.

Prints are typically made to order - please allow a few extra days for delivery.

Since these are fully armoured models, they are a breeze to paint. Simply prime with your favourite metal primer (eg. Army Painter Plate Mail Metal, Citadel Leadbelcher), paint any wooden bits with a suitable brown paint, wash with a black wash (eg. Citadel Nuln Oil or Army Painter Dark Tone) and then highlight with lighter metal (eg. Citadel Runefang Steel).

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