Return to Dark Tower Core Game Set

Return to Dark Tower Core Game Set
Return to Dark Tower Core Game SetReturn to Dark Tower Core Game SetReturn to Dark Tower Core Game SetReturn to Dark Tower Core Game Set
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Brand:  Restoration Games

The coolest game to ever hit the planet first appeared some 38 years ago, featuring an electronic tower that lit up, played music, and somehow ran an epic fantasy adventure game with its state-of-the-art technological wizardry. That game was Dark Tower. We want to bring you that same sense of awe and wonder, pushing the boundaries of what a board game can actually do. After 3 years of painstaking work by a team of two dozen designers, engineers, and artists, we are thrilled to present to you a game with echoes of that long-gone wonder but ultimately unlike any game you've ever experienced.

Return to Dark Tower is a game for 1 to 4 heroes who undertake epic quests, fight fearsome foes, and test their mettle against the looming darkness of the titular tower. Now featuring both cooperative and competitive play. Designed by Rob Daviau and Isaac Childres -- designers of the two highest rated games of all time on Board Game Geek -- along with Noah Cohen, Brian Neff, and Justin D. Jacobson, the streamlined rules offer players difficult choices about when to advance their objective, gather resources, deal with threats, or level up.

Looming over the board, the Tower itself is the greatest menace you'll face. Each turn, you drop a skull in, representing the threat of corruption. You decide where emerging skulls are placed, making those buildings less useful. At times the Tower itself springs to life, releasing trapped skulls in a single wave or revealing glyphs that sap your will.

The path to victory is fraught with peril. Battles and events can give your hero corruption. If you don't cleanse skulls from the buildings to keep them in check, the supply quickly dwindles.

Return to Dark Tower constantly presents new challenges. The adversary within the tower, the plan to access the tower, and the suite of foes you will face can mix and match in thousands of combinations. Play the same array over again or try something completely new.

Core Set Components:
300mm tall Mechanical Tower
600mm diameter Round Board
4x 28mm Hero Minis
Player Boards
120+ Cards
16x Buildings
Foe Cards

Also available separately:
"The Coffers" - Tokens to upgrade warriors, spirit and influence
Upgraded 800mm diameter Neoprene Game Board with stitched edging (3mm thick)
Alliances Expansion
Dark Hordes Expansion

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Restoration Games
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