Rotation Magnets, Medium

Rotation Magnets, Medium
Rotation Magnets, MediumRotation Magnets, MediumRotation Magnets, Medium
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Rotation Magnets - Size M

Recommended for: K Wing, ARC-170, etc...


- 15 magnets 5mm
- 15 steel balls 6,35mm
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DANGER: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. Magnets are not toys. The magnets pose a risk of death to small children, who may swallow them. Risk of injury: you may bruise your skin if it is caught between the magnet and a metal object. Magnets must not be soldered or welded - the NdFeB material is highly flammable. Neodymium magnets may break if they collide or fall to the ground - the slivers of a magnet normally have sharp edges. Powerful magnets can damage technical equipment and storage media. People with pacemakers or a defibrillator are particularly at risk. Coatings contain nickel and should not be handled with bare hands if you have a nickel allergy. If neodymium magnets are heated above 80C, they lose their magnetic effect.

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